Status Report #2: Roadmap

Jordan Majd · December 29, 2019

This is a tentative roadmap for TTY. It is split into two sections, firmware, hardware. After every objective is completed the roadmap will be re-evaluated and a new one will be published.


The sooner the firmware is out in the open, the sooner people can start using it and contributing it. So far, the firmware has been built with the objective of rapidly testing out ideas, finding out if they work, keeping the good and throwing out the bad. While this has worked well for getting the project off the ground, it is not ideal for long term development.

Immediate Objective: Prepare the firmware for public release.

Due Date: January 31st

This is to be accomplished by solidifying the project design to be used as a foundation for myself and others to build up upon. It will be far from perfect and missing many features, but we will increment. The bare-bone features at release will include HID over both USB & BLE in addition to configurable keymaps.


I am by no means a hardware guy, by splitting the final design into discrete parts I will be able to approach a fully integrated solution incrementally. This enables me to test each component on it’s own and optimistically allows for concurrent development of each component.

Immediate Objective: Research FCC Certifications and Other Regulations

Due Date: January 3rd

In order to design the hardware well and within a reasonable budget, I must first understand my constraints. While at the end of January 3rd I will be far from an expert, I’ll at least know enough to make the neccessary design decisions to take this project home.

Next, the following objectives will be prioritized:

  • Design keyboard layout
  • Charging & power selection circuit
  • Qi reciever circuit
  • Prototype Keyboard PCB
  • Design keyboard case

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